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About Lifespan Equity Partners

We invest in partnerships with owner-operators and management teams of privately-owned lower-middle-market businesses.  

Our ideal partners welcome Lifespan Equity as the investment partner with whom they can accelerate their company's growth and enhance business operations while also preserving their culture, reputation, key employees, and their legacy.
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Sector Focused

Lifespan Equity is focused on the sectors where our experience as both business operators and trusted advisors to entrepreneurs and management teams should drive the greatest upside during the joint ownership and value creation process.

We invest at least 65% of our time across the healthcare industry along with focusing selectively on business services, information technology, and consumer sectors. 

We primarily invest in outsourced services, software, IT solutions and services, niche products and distribution, independent multi-unit, and franchisor / multi-location franchisee business models.

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